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Default Re: SeaWorld Trainer killed by Orca

Thank you for posting this tribute to the whales, although it saddens me that a trainer was killed I can't help but feel it's a natural response to many years of confinement and being treated like a dog doing tricks.

I also wonder if the mammals aren't reacting to the different energies coming at the planet right now and if this some kind of growing awareness on the part of the whales, if it isn't there way of saying

"ENOUGH!! We can't take it any longer, WTF are you guys doing?!?"

On the news yesterday the park officials appeared very shook up and it was the right thing to suspend the shows, lets just hope they do the right thing for the animals and not for "the bottom line"

15 years ago, I saw the show in San Antonio with my family and it was a real treat to see, and must admit I really enjoyed the show. But, it's still wrong....if they can survive in the wild they should be set free and the parks should be shut down.
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