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Default SeaWorld Trainer killed by Orca

Thoughts and prayers to the family of the trainer Dawn Brancheau.

Here are a couple pics of this orca, Tilikum.

I'm no marine biologist but I feel pain looking at that dorsal fin laying to one side. There are many theories as to the cause, SeaWorld officials often comment that it isn't an accurate gauge of health, and that it occurs in free orcas as well, though they fail to mention that the rates are far far lower than in captivity. Most marine biologists think the dorsal fin laying flat is a result of these poor animals being confined for long periods of time to tanks the size of bathtubs (relative to humans) where the fin is always above water. Others have said the dorsal fin is a sort of barometer of mental health.

It's long past due for us to stop poking and prodding animals for our amusement. The enjoyment had by humans isn't worth the animal suffering any way you slice it.

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