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Default Re: The Secret and Law of Attraction: How has it helped you?

I will share my own experiences with the LoA. About half a year ago, after reading Neale Donald Walsch's Happier than God, and after much internal struggles about *what exactly I want to do*, I decided to talk to life directly and just state three specific things that I want. Period.

Believe it or not, here is what I did:

I dressed up in my best shirt, trousers, and shoes. I poured 2 glasses of wine. I pulled up a chair next to the table and window. Then I opened the window and literally invited *LIFE* inside, to sit down, have a drink, and have a conversation.

First I expressed my gratitude toward life in general and asked it to listen to what I want to say. Then I acknowledged my perpetual state of confusion about what I want to do, and declared that I will change that right in that moment. I asked for 3 things:
1. To get a particular diploma that I was studying for (actually 1 of the 2, I did not want the full Masters).
2. To get a very specific job before the end of June 2008.
3. For 2 of my toes to be healthy (I had a particular nail affliction which had been there for a loooong time) before the end of August 2008.

Then I offered to what life had to tell me, if anything. I listened for a few minutes, but apart from the sounds on the street I did not hear anything.

So here is what happened...

Wish 1: The diploma. Got it, in a rather surprising way. I studied with the intention of *just* passing so that I would be qualified only for that diploma rather than the Masters. I qualified for the Masters - grades were surprisingly good! I then had to declare that I only wanted the Postgraduate Diploma... and it was granted.

Wish 2: Very specific job before the end of June 2008. It manifested, actually much earlier than I thought. At one point I just suddenly decided, right I am calling that person (this was early May). In fact, when I did, his remark was that my timing was *perfect* (because of a project they needed to get off the ground soon). Another confirmation.

Wish 3: Yes and no. Massive improvement - and many interesting events throughout the months toward that goal. But not fully - this I attribute to personal laziness in that field!

So there is my experience, a bit different from maya's but thought I would share it in case it may inspire someone, somehow!
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