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Default Re: Montreal area ground crew

I fully agree; all aspects of the event were successful.

Regarding this thread (Montreal area ground crew), I would suggest to use it as a Table of Contents for the topics listed above and any other involving the Montreal area ground crew.

For example, if someone decides to initiate a new thread about radiant zones in the Montreal area, I would suggest:
1) To name it: "Montreal (Quebec) radiant zones".
2) To provide a short description of the new thread in the "Montreal area ground crew" thread and to provide a link to the new thread.
3) To initiate the new thread, Montreal (Quebec) radiant zones, with the following statement:
"This new thread is related to the "Montreal area ground crew" thread (see".
After this first statement, the topic of the new thread would then be introduced as usual.
By applying this convention, we could ensure that our future exchanges are done in a more structured framework, which would make relevant information easier to find and would provide a good chronological perspective for new people consulting/participating to these threads.
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