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Default Re: FerFal; Mistakes People Make Prepping

great thread!

this would describe a mild scenario of when TSHTF.
the worst case scenario wouldn`t fit in this shoe.

in my country, most houses have fallout shelters in the does ours..and therefore preparation for me, also means keeping the shelter in shape. (ready to use...sort of like a panic room)
(all houses built in the past (cold war) needed to have one fallout shelter whenever somebody built a house he had to pay extra for that thing(as expensive as a new SUV/car). ..nowadays it`s optional )
our fallout shelter has 11.8 inch thick steel-concrete walls and a 7.8 inch door and "window", with a 10-person-capacity and is fully equipped with ABC (atomic, biological, chemical)air filter, it has a manual power generator, lavatory,kitchen, bunk-beds, water,food, oxygen-bottle, ABC suit, inflatable boat,lots of tools,medical kitts(first aid&chinese),lots of ropes and knifes, spare clothes, crossbow, camping equipment such as tents and gas/liquid burners and navy and SAS survival handbooks,..various monitoring devices such as co2 ……the whole shabang…. plus i`ve got that “immediate-evacuation-corner” of the shelter which is full of backpacks (ready to go) containing the most important survival items …..i know this sounds survivalist-style-crazy…but these fallout shelters are all over switzerland in nearly every home…and i think it is best to keep it well equipped for it`s intended use rather than turning it into a lumber chamber like some others do….the shelters also get controlled every now and then by government employees who check if everything is still working/ is functional and if it`s still airtight. they also check if the shelter can be used within 24hours (if it`s a absolute mess or not)
you could say that to some part, i also keep it ready to please the "inspector"..

but even such a bomb-shelter isn`t enough for a absolute worst case scenario.

in the end it boils down to being in the right place at the right time with a prepared mind a strong heart and a few things eg. :bug out bag.

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