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Originally Posted by Umadevi View Post
Is anyone actually putting together a ground crew or community in Thailand? I will be there Jan-Feb 09 and would like to meet/discuss. I lived and worked in the kingdom for 4 years and am considering a move back. Looking for a place to create "radiant Zone' with others.
Hi, I'm Jeff, first post, I am moving to Thailand, first a visitor visa in Jan, then I'll work up from there. I met my TGF while she was getting an MBA here in Portland Or, so I won't be on my own. I've never been to Thailand but I sure like the idea of warm weather and friendly people. My thoughts are this, there is no place to move that is any safer than another. My move to Thailand is to be with the woman that I love and enjoy life. I believe that the key to survival is to think happy thoughts then feel happy. I know it is not easy and it goes against our conditioning. The power is in our collective thought, we hold the future in what we think and feel. If we think about horrible things then feel fearful we give power to those things. On the other hand if we think of a joyful life of abundance and feel good about that then that which we focus on is what we will have. Anyway, I'm in the PNW USA for now, I'll be in LA for XMAS with family then on to Pataya Thailand in January. my e-mail is
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