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Default Free DC Energy _The worlds biggest kept secret

Instead of unintentionally hijacking Gregor's thread about pyramid power and advanced mathematics i started this one.

There are a few posts on "Free Energy" and a few on debunking free energy.
So allow me to put it to rest right now.
FREE DC ENERGY does exist. It is a reality and YES it's free.
As long as we, the ground crew +, keep it free.

How do we keep it free?

By telling everyone in the world who will listen how it's made.
Keep the knowledge free and there can never be a price put upon it.

Here is the problem:
The true power of what most of us know will never be released until after the 2012 event. Only then will mankind as a whole except where and how we came across this technology.
Yes i know the secret to free everlasting free standing free dc energy but no matter what i do it will not be accepted by anyone as a valued energy source because i can not lie about where i got the information, and that caused my utter downfall a year and a half back.

Alright screw it, i'll just tell you all the truth about me:
It's to close to our time for me to be afraid any longer.

My name is Richard Scott Brooks.
In early 2006 i built a company called REVOLUTIONS inc. and a 3D animation studio called Flying Pyramid Studios, rightly named after the tech of how i came across this energy. In late 2006 after meeting a man i will refer to as "The Doctor" i tried to mass e-mail the entire world, using my company, with the technology of how to create free dc energy.
The e-mail never made it, my company was seized and shut down, i was driven from my home and have been living off the grid since then.

I recently rebuilt my company & studio and even though they threatened to eat my soul, here i am at it again.


Free Direct Current Energy is created by using the earths rotation and coupled together with raw magnetite.
Now you already know about the various magnet motors and other type engines, but these are still not efficient enough to power a entire city and they still need energy to start them.
Yes this is a huge step in the right direction but not big enough.

I found this information studying crop circles, the planet, the properties of true raw magnetite, the universe and ancient cultures.

Quite simply here it is at it's basic form:
First you must understand the governing bodies of a physical universe which are angular momentum and centrifugal force.
Everything in our universe including the universe itself spins and rotates (with the exception of the moon which i will address in a minute.)
Now look at the mechanics of magnets.
At there core what are they?
Mineral deposits that have 99% of there ions facing the same direction which attracts and repels others like it positive/negative.
Alot like a human huh?
Now we already know that if you file raw magnets into simple geometric shapes and place them together in a particular arrangement they do fantastic things. This particular arrangement that i'm about to tell you about is only one use.

What are the pyramids?
Well that is a complicated question as they are multi-purpose.
But i will answer a few basics.
1.) They are a blueprint of where our planet upwells energy from.
2.) They show us how to harness that natural energy.
3.) They are/were jump-gates.
4.) They are machines for self ascension (for those who chose not to wait and do it naturally)

Now place the two together.

Every magnet on this planet has a north and south polarity. +/_
However if you make a solid pyramid magnet the exact same shape and dimensions as the Giza pyramid (angles at 22.5 degrees) something weird happens to it.
If you take it above the equator it will take on a solid northern polarity.
If you take it below the equator it will take on a solid southern polarity.
No other magnet on the planet will do this.
So after looking at all the "trinity" theories and the power of 3 and after long hours of crop circle studies it hit me.
I will try to post some pics to back up what i'm saying later.
But look at the most round like cropcircles and what do you see?
3 solid magnet balls notched on 4 sides at 19.5 degrees.
Hmmm.....we have a pyramid magnet at 22.5 degrees and 3 ball magnets at 19.5 degrees.....where have i seen this before...AH HA!!
The pyramids at Giza are angled at 22.5 degrees, the earths true north and south. The little one is offset at 19.5 degrees.

So Simply place the three ball magnets with north facing north and south facing south and arrange them in a perfect Isosceles triangle the width of the very middle of your pyramid magnet. Now place the pyramid magnet point down in the center of the balls.
The pyramid will levitate and begin to spin for the same reason water spins in your drain, the earths rotation.
Congratulations you've just created perpetual motion that will never stop.
As each corner of the pyramid passes the notch of the balls dc energy will spark from the bottom of the pyramid. As it's speed increases so does the charge.

Congratulations you've just created a self propelling never ending energy source that will never deplete and needs nothing to start.
This is the biggest kept secret on the planet.

Upgrade that basic system and you will create the propulsion system of most of the starships in use today. Why? Because magnetite, just like gold, is a universal mineral that shows up on almost every planet in existence.
There is so much magnetite on this planet you could never ever run out especially because we would never need to use that great of an amount.

Uh oh, looks like i gotta run, i'll try to get back on later today or tomorrow and finish.

Thank you.
Peace, Love & Light

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world shall know peace."
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