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Thailand has no active volcanoes.

High ground? Depends what height above sea level you have in mind. Thailand has a central floodplain (which serves as the world's main rice growing area). To the north are major mountains ranges, which stretch down along the western border of Thailand, all the way to Malaysia. To the north east is the plateau which is also relatively high. The best way to really explore this is to use Google Earth. Bring Thailand into focus, you don't need to have very high zoom. Now, as you run your mouse pointer over areas, the elevation appears in the lower area of the screen. You can set this to display height above sea level in feet or meters. You can quickly survey the altitudes of various mountain ranges/areas this way. Also bear in mind that an area of lower elevation might be suitable as long as there is an area of higher elevation/mountain range between it and the sea, to act as a barrier.
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