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Default Re: mega chemtrail action today(uk)

I dont have pics pilot but here in Nevada it is just the same as your pics.. Its disgusting that people working in the local goverments, city and county health officials have not stood up for us.. Everyone says dont move stay and fight the battle.. I refuse to raise my children(not born yet) in a place were they treat us like lab rats.. Jungle here i come!! great post this is very important because they are doing a 911 type blatant lie's right in our face, but with chemtrails they are doing it daily.. I wonder what there reaction would be if a million or so humans got really motivated to stop it and marched on there local capital buildings? Would they stop, they would have to do something because like all of you know its really not that hard to prove.. I mean the commercial jets that u hear, that make a jet type noise dont leave a trail i dont know how much more proof you need.. Our fellow Humans are in a deep sleep state they dont even look up..
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