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Default Re: A Parallel Reality and EMO water activator


Really interesting videos! thanks for sharing. do you know much about this EMO thing? do you think it's available for purchase by "regular people," not just companies, etc. (people with big-bucks!)?? wonder how much it costs.
do you know anyone who has an EMO, Martina? [guess maybe i should just try to find their website, huh?!? LOL]

How I Long For the Time when our society and its resources will no longer be controlled by the paradigm of Money and the Win/Lose "game." Here's to "Free EMO's for the Cosmos!" or, at the very least, for all planets with humanoid templates since, after all, that template is 90% water!

boy--do i "resonate with" all this hippy-dippy, communal, peace-joy-love,"differentiation within the unity, nature-appreciation, metaphysical-type philosophy represented within these videos. it really does warm an old hippie's heart!

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