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Default Re: Not Another Goodbye!


I want to personally say thank you for being who you are

You have always been fair and balance and it showed in what you posted.

I see your leaving as a sign of "nothing good" to be made of this forum

I have been with the forum from day one and noticed many things that I didnt like and for the most part held my tongue.

Some very beautiful people have come and gone from here and you will be another.

You have always maintained your cool and I know you are not leaving just because you didnt win a personal battle that was playing out behind the scenes.

I see it as a message "that you believe in what I say and thats the way it is" !

Not just for the mods that are moving forward but the ones that are now in the Mist. They made that decision themselfs when they openly when the Thuban thread was closed. So I see it as a two way street.

I came in here and found so many good threads that I am going to miss as I know that I care not follow even if I am invited. 777s, The Looking Glass, The Watchers, Mudra's etc. Even if I didnt partipate in what they had to offer, I got so much out of them.

Its not easy being on the outside of what they call "the truth" and what others see as their own. Its simply not allowed in here

I have come to the point of "who cares" and spoke out and I feel like I'm in a better place for it

I wish you the best Karen and thank you for being you.

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