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Default Re: 2010 Year of the Tiger

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
February 14th 2010 the year of the Tiger starts.
From what I've read so far it looks like it's going to be a good one for Dragons
OMG!! Fear propaganda!

You must attune yourself to the righteousness Swanny or be eaten by the Devil!

By the Chinese horoscope thingy I am a water pig.....does this mean i am to be your lunch Swanny? Will you come down from the sky and grab me with your mighty claws? But i am water pig...i can a submarine...

By native American horoscope thingy i am a Falcon I like this one. Always wanted to fly...

By the "ordinary"? horoscope i am Aries!! Cardinal family, born to rule and tell you what to do

happy new year to be...
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