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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by GaiaLove View Post
This resonates quite quite deeply for me, I have always felt these phenomenon were created by Gaia herself and not the offworld graffiti artists that some tend to believe.

Can you tell us in Layman's terms what your interpretation is of the following 2 formations pleaee.

Sure Gaia Love!

The top one is none but the heralding of the Message from Hunab Ku, which will render Gaia a StarPlanet (the collected data of the last 26,000 years will be Black Holed at the centre and then retransmitted) in MIRROR Image to the entire solar system. This is the meaning of the EMPTY Circle next to the astrological configuration on December 21st, 2012.
The Sun RaHsol will receive the 'signal' of frequency 3 thousand million billion trillion Hertz so 8 minutes before it reaches the center of the earth.
The many Mayan symbols and patterns relate to the idea of REBIRTH, with Yin and Yang blending androgenously to supplement the human DNA/RNA in a reawakening and the activation of the 24th chromosome (fused in the ape-hominid split so 10 million years ago).
Forexample there are 11 'legs' on the outside oval geometric figure and one point on the inside. This is the Thuban data from the 12th dimension invigorating the 11 dimensional universe from outside in and effecting the dimensional opening of a 4th space dimension to render the flat Minkowski metric in 4D a curved Kaluza-Klein metric in 5D.

The 'incoming' object is this signal between Neptune at 0 degrees 48 minutes Pisces and Uranus at 4 degrees 38 minutes in Aries to herald the change of the guard in the precessional circle as well as the birth of the Baby of the StarHumanity.
As Neptune=Excalibur=Scorpio=IAmThatIAm=95 (Dragon=59 backwards); is the astrological Ruler of Pisces, this event also inserts the 13th starsign Ophiuchus into the zodiac and 'forces' the Ouroboic Galactic Dragon (Milky Way) to release its circular 'embrace' (or imprisonment) of Gaia in 'Rattling' or Twisting its Tail.
This represents the Mayan (and other indigenous cultures) symbolisation of the RattleSnake 'cult'.
The Great Circle of the Mazzaroth (Leviathan and Behemoth in Job) so is broken to effect the spacetime transformation.

The bottom one depicts the Tzolkien of the Mayan calendar in the 20 symbols or glyphs on the perimeter with the 5x4=20 glyphs then allowing the partitioning of the 260 kindays as 5x52 'Haabs or Calender Rounds'.
A Haab of 365 kin so blends with the Tzolkien in 260x365=94,900 kin.
The inner symbolism also relates this numerology with the blending of the circles akin the Vesica Pisces of Western Alchemy/Hermeticism; the Seal of Solomon (Star of David) as Magic Symbol of blending the Darkness with the Light and of course the eastern Yin-Yang unification.

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