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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Hi Steven!

I apologize to you. I really did not see your earlier post and I shall answer all questions posed to the best of my access to the Thuban archives (which mirror the akashic records many of you have heared of).

Generally for anyone. If you feel I have not answered you please send me a PM or repost your quest. It is not my intent to IGNORE any of you who have a question.
If the postman delivers you 50 letters, it can happen that one slips under the table.

Steven your questions have been answered in a general sense in my reply to Trancoso.

1. The Lyrians are a plasmic lifeform, giving rise to the Pleiadians and so on in the most commonly composed scenario.
This is the key, the anthropocentric universe decided through and by the logistics of the Logos=Word of Creation to render a Vortex SinkEnergy called Gaia the depository of Information gathered by ALL sentient lifeforms in the universe.

So from the beginning of time, Gaia was destined for Universal Motherhood.

And by implication, all lifeforms upon and supported by the EarthMother would become HEIRS and HEIRESSES to such a grandiouse cosmic obligation and responsibility.

This agenda is omni-scientific - meaning all of what the terrestrail reductionistic science does, create and analyse is ENCOMPASSED by a greater science - omni-science - the Science From and For the All.

Amongst many other scenarios it becomes the task of the STEWARDS of GAIA, namely the human data gatherers, to CONSTRUCT, CREATE, WRITE and otherwise COMPOSE and LIVE the Unification of the Worlds.

Allow an example; consider your own body, say your liver.
Your liver is a conglomeration of biovital cells, which have specialised their function to BE A LIVER, cleransing you bloodflow to and from your biological and biochemical heart and so on.

But before the liver cells became specialised in your gestation as a biological embryo; the preliver cells were omnipotent cells. The omni- or totipotent stemcells could differentiate to assume functions like adrenal or cardiac or neuronal.

Every one of those cells (of life) is a holofractal for a galaxy.
Yes the Milky way galaxy is like a single omnipotent cell in your embryo and you literally reside within a single cell within your own body.
Subsequently6, on the greatest perception possible in the spacetime defined universe - your body IS the entire universe, not metaphorically BUT LITERALLY.
Only YOU exist AS the Universe, but this invokes an unbearable loeliness - does it not?

But from these Thuban realisations, almost unfathomable to the conditioned human mind; derive the archetypes of the Kabbalah, of Vitruvius, Purusha, of Cosmic Man Adam Kadmon the Androgyne and so on and on.

So now ponder your own loneliness as the ONLY ONE, that exists and your loneliness will now induce you to CREATE.
And YOU create or IMAGINE to render your liver, a conglomeration of specialised omnipotent stemcells as a SUPERCLUSTER of Galaxies - each galaxy mapping one-to-one one of the original omnipotent stemcells comprising your liver.

So can you iunderstand now the Lyrans as stemcells, giving birth to descendents in adrenal cells called Pleiadians and becoming EXPOSED to a harmonizing cellular environment of 'invader cells' by and through other omnipotent cells termed Immune-System-Cells (say T-Cells from Arcturus)?

Within the preexisting universe and BEFORE the Quantum Big Bang; there was ONLY YOU.
But after the Quntum Big bang and particularly beginning so 2,200 million years ago; there were MANY YOU's.
And some other YOU may create an entire extraterrestrial civilisation from the perspective of another cellular molecular complex and term it Andromeda as a sistercell to your Milkly Way aka Perseus.

2. Free Will is inviolable under all circumstances; yet on the ultimate level the 'Free Will' of the ''Superconscious Individuation of All That Is' becomes indistinguishable from the 'Free Will' of the 'Collective Oneness'.

3. The Founders have many names. I chose to follow the One I call the Master-Dragon and so have labeled it the Council of Thuban.
You are free to relabel the founders in the creation of your own all encompassing and interwoven and selfconsistent cosmogony.

Hello Abraxasinas. Thank you for answering my questions.

I got to say that I totally disagree with you , but that is fine. I got my answers and it clarify much to me. At least you have been coherent with the material you are promoting.

For the first question though, you would make a good politician, you have not answered the question! But that's ok. One advice, keep it simple...

I wish you a journey of awakening dear child, Steven
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