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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Kamikaze View Post
I'm practising lucid dreaming to a extent and various related subjects concerning lucid dreaming and the whole world on the "other" side.

But I have to say I am not Lucid as often as I would like and it frustrates me mostly manifested in the dreams non-lucid.

I would like to ask advice on how do I better connect myself to my higher selves and how I retrieve my long full memory as much as possible while I am present down here.

I've been shown that my memories are locked away behind a door in a sense and has been for a time but lately I got the feeling the lock has been turned open but the door has yet to be opened.

I want to ask if you have something to say more to things like this and then what kind of energy I am whit. What does the vibrations state.
Hi kamikaze!

You are trying too hard. Simply relax and FEEL the new energy of Nova Terra in Waiting and Expectation and your expectations will blend with Hers and your Lucid dreams shall Be.

Think of the number 3 thousand million billion trillion when sleepy and resonances will become happenstance.

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