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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Magamud View Post
Thanks Abraxas,
More questions please:
1. With schizophrenia its hard to find communication tools to help them integrate just for survival sake into society. Most of them have the same general paranoia with the NWO and beyond. Their relationship to the world has limited reference and is so whimsical. What would be the purpose of such an incarnation? Personally I think they are the consequence of such a controlled and manipulated society. That our world should be more malleable, a mix of dream and material.

2. You mentioned a 25000 year cycle. In general how many incarnations happen in that time?

3. In general most division manifested is just the friction translated from the "Ancients" coming home?

Its quite ironic to think that we are the creators of new consciousness in a world so set to program you into thinking you are a mere speck in space and time. Makes it more true.... Look forward to your insights...

Hi Magamund!

1. I agree with you. ALL and without exception, so termed 'mental illnesses' are MISINTERPRETATIONS of so termed 'medical experts'.
The human being is a comlex tapstry of energetic interactions. Just as some people have physical 'handicaps' such as say blindness, some people have emotional- or mental 'handicaps' in not being able to utilize particular neuronal pathways in the biochemstry of the brain (which is an ANTENNA for sensory stimuli).

In a truly advanced galactic civilization, ALL handicaps in whatever modality would be understood to have opened other channels of the neuronal activity say in divers forms of creativity.

Relative to source ALL expressions of source are GENIUSES of Creation, talents to be discovered and shared for the benefice of all aka the universe.

2. This is a described by a statistical distribution, called the Gaussian Normal Curve with a Mean of 5x13x144,000/(120x365.2425)~ 214 per soul/shard individuation.

3. This is a pertinent way of description. The Friction manifests as the homecoming implemented.

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