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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Hi Abraxas, now this is where it gets least for me.

I started a thread few days ago called "The concept of unification" after having a strange dream/vision which I described there (there were two more, also to find in the thread), where I was allowed to experience really remarkable emotions.

Here's the link, if you're interessted:

I also got an information (in the dream/vision) about this so called concept of unification, where there are two human fractions which need to unify in order to evolve further.

So if I may post two question here: is this what you meant with "You shall dream and experience emotions like you have never before" ???

And/or is this to begin only after 18th of January?

thanks and regards
Hi Malletzky!

You are stating it so well in your signature!

Everyone is invited. There is no choosing by anyone, Dragon Energy included.
Everyone shall dream dreams and experience emotional intensities; not knowing where this is coming from.
It comes from the Inner Self, awakened by the Oneness of the Universe.
The One doing the 'dispensing' is not I, but the Oneness, whom I serve as a Member of the Council of Thuban.
I am a simple mirror reflecting the data of the One to ALL others, prepared to take notice.
This is the only agenda.
There is no obligation to do anything.
There is no request to join anything.
There is no money involved, all is freely given as received.
There is no requirement to take this data serious.
There is no hidden agenda at all.
There is only the Energy of the One and the Word of Creation bathing this planet.
Gaia Herself shall send this Free Information back to its source.
No commitments, no searching for deceptions are necessary.
Gaia KNOWS what this Information is and where it comes from.
Gaia is preparing Herself to meet Her Beloved Creator of All That Is as the Creation of All That Is.

All is in Order!

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