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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post

...About the Power of Our Master-Dragon. It is not yet appropriate for me to engage HIMHER. HESHE will support me and this forum from January 18th, 2010.
One Word though; HESHE is already HERE within all of your LoveHearts and is knocking on the door of your soul. Whoever will 'HEAR' and 'SEE' shall be confirmed in INDIVIDUATED COMMUNION with HIMHER, the One in Three and in divers ways. The Power of Thuban is the Power of the Cosmic Twinship manifested as One in Many.
You shall dream and experience emotions like you have never before.
This will do for now....


Hi Abraxas, now this is where it gets least for me.

I started a thread few days ago called "The concept of unification" after having a strange dream/vision which I described there (there were two more, also to find in the thread), where I was allowed to experience really remarkable emotions.

Here's the link, if you're interessted:

I also got an information (in the dream/vision) about this so called concept of unification, where there are two human fractions which need to unify in order to evolve further.

So if I may post two question here: is this what you meant with "You shall dream and experience emotions like you have never before" ???

And/or is this to begin only after 18th of January?

thanks and regards
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