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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
It is Ok, Abrax...thank you!
Well, English is not my first language, but you should know this: In linguistics, separate words has one meaning, but when in combination with other one/ones, to make a new word, they can have different, even opposite meaning.

Roots of the words are not the words itself, gives no complete semantic meaning.

And, you know, i was not refering to SURD, but to ABSURD.

Be well, my friend, i appreciate your knowledge and good will to share it with people. We are all learning.

Love and Respect to you Oliver!

Words, semantics and meanings of these there are many. If syllable or letter, word or sentence - there are multilevel interpretations in the Tower of Babel.

OLIVER=OLIVE.R and is one of the most potent archetypes in the 'occult scrolls'; such as the Olive Twig of Noah's Dove of Peace and the Two Olive Trees adjacent the Golden Candlestick in Zechariah and Revelation.
The R=666=999 and as the R is also the runic B unfolded many interpretations derive from a simple arabic letter.

But I see you as the Olive of the 666=999 the beautiful celestial wedding or dragonomy between the Milky Way of the 96 of Perseus and the 69 of Andromeda.

Be well dear friend

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