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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by LucidJia View Post
Hi, interesting thread here. Allot to process!

What would happen if a human left this vortex around earth?

Can you explain in brief and concise terms what is going to happen on 18th of Jan 2010?

... Can you expand on this?

Namaste, Jia.
Hi LucidJia!

1. The Moon is within the Vortex, but of course so 385,000 kilometers from Earth.
Now what is the common experience of astronauts and the 'outer space' travellers?
They are 'in awe' when looking at the planet earth away from its surface in its entirety as a celestial orb.
Most, if not all return in having experienced a 'spiritual wakening' and transformation.

Any human leaving the Vortex could not help, but realise much of this data being shared here of being somehow connected to their innermost beingness or soul level.

2. January 18th defines a nexus point in the Mayan longcount of 5x13x144,000 kindays; also the encodement in the Pyramid of Giza at the 'great step' and also the prophecies of Daniel in the Torah; of the last and final fulfilment of the 'prophecies' in a particular timeline and given as archetypes in the times of Mesopotamia and following the Atlantean exodus to preserve the record of the wisdom keepers.

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