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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
Logicaly thinking, you gave two opposite, contradictory explanations:

1.There is no such thing as the AbSurd as a 'quality' describing imagination and thought; and

2.So by logical imperative ABSURD means RATIONAL.

Mutatis mutandis, do you claim that the rational is non-existing?
Mine "logical imperative" tells me this: AB=ABsence; SURD=Rational, so = Absence of Rational;.
Actually, Absurd is the opposite of the Rational.

Non-being. Accident.

On this level, it is better not to enter what RATIONAL is.

Anyway, thank you Abraxasinas.
Thank you Oliver!
You may check your dictionary for the meaning of SURD.
SURD is not Rational as you state in the above.

  /sɜrd/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [surd] Show IPA ,
Use surd in a Sentence

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–adjective 1.Phonetics. voiceless (opposed to sonant ).2.Mathematics. (of a quantity) not capable of being expressed in rational numbers; irrational.
–noun 3.Phonetics. a voiceless consonant (opposed to sonant ).4.Mathematics. a surd quantity.

1545–55; < L surdus dull-sounding, mute, deaf

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