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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

The more I look into this business the more convinced I become that any true disclosure must come from the direction of the UFO phenomena itself and not from human governments. The phenomena has always operated in self imposed secrecy therefore it must dispel the secrecy itself. Human governments may "disclose" that there is an alien presence on the Earth but can they really tell us why they are here or what they want? If there are as Clifford Stone has said, "57" different species visiting the Earth, how much can our governments possibly know about them all?

The best we can hope for from our governments is a simple acknowledgment of the existence of an alien presence. However, in doing so they open themselves up to criticism and investigation on their previous handling of the matter that they must naturally find untenable. It's just a brain numbing problem.

I think many people envision some Star Trek-like galactic community out there however I think we should be very careful how we superimpose human societie's conceptualizations on what may actually exist. I suspect that UFOs and related phenomena are actually part of a much stranger reality-set than we currently are able to imagine or are able to string together in some sort of story or narrative that makes sense to us as human beings. I could be wrong of course.
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