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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
I absolutely, positively, without any doubt, believe in extraterrestrials and them having visited Earth, past or present. But official government disclosure? - my humble opinion is that the day the government announce something is the day I'll be sure its a lie. I'm so confident that ETs exist, I know they exist, I've had more than one encounter experience, but if any government (especially U.S) suddenly come out and tell us we have brothers to meet then I'll know there's gotta be a twist to it.

According to Von Braun (or more accurately, according to Carol Rosin, who receieved this information from Von Braun), the last card of deception to be played in the 'alien card'. In which the government announce a 'threat' from extraterrestrials. And undoubtedly in this scenario the propaganda for increased weaponry and decreased civil liberties will really start taking place. I hope this is wrong, but I'm confident of the information from Miss Rosin.
Yes I have thought of that ... BUT what if she is an under cover agent giving out dis-info from the Goverments in order for us to go against the ET's...

Sooo lets say they (ET's) disclose and we turn our backs on them thinking this is a 'red herring'...Double bluff scenario!!...

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