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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Just recieved this from India in the Machine...

You are invited to participate in a global experiment to manifest First Contact with benevolent extraterrestrial races. The experiment is in response to a request by extraterrestrials to give a `soul based' response to the question, "Do You Wish That We Show Up?" .

The global First Contact experiment is based on the concept of the 'Isaiah Effect' popularized by the author Gregg Braden. The key idea in the 'Isaiah Effect' is that by visualizing a desired event and fully immersing oneself in positive emotions of the event as though it had occurred, a powerful energetic impulse is created that helps manifest the desired event in the concrete physical realm. The emotions of celebration, joy, love and gratitude thus act as powerful engines for 'thought creation'.

Due to over 50 years of secrecy over the extraterrestrial presence, and the tremendous damage done to human societies and the biosphere by the suppression of extraterrestrial technologies, creation of 'black budgets', and intimidation/silencing of officials/witnesses revealing the truth, there is an urgent need to end all secrecy over the extraterrestrial presence. Consequently, a world wide First Contact event where extraterrestrials 'show up' is needed to bring openness, transparency, truth and democratic decision-making to the way the extraterrestrial presence is officially managed. The actual details of the Global First Contact Experiment are as follows:

Visualization: Imagine luminous extraterrestrial ships suspended high over every city of the planet for a period of seven days and nights. The ships perform light displays that indicate universal greetings of peace, joy and fraternity. Ships play natural sounds such as whale songs indicating universal acknowledgement for cetaceans as an intelligent life form that has long communicated with extraterrestrial races. The visualization should be done in a way that elicits positive emotions such as joy, love and celebration. The visualization can be modified in ways that best inspire individuals to celebrate First Contact as a new era for humanity. The visualization will be performed at 10 pm in every time zone thereby creating an energetic wave of consciousness that sweeps around the planet. The length of the visualization should be between 5-10 minutes.
Date & Time: Sunday, December 21, at 10 pm (local time).

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