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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Yes its going to be very interesting to see how people react to this...very!!

Just found this... Some groups are saying that we are looking at Disclosure after Obama's speech acceptance (Nobel) ?!!

Whatever will be...we are getting closer...exciting times indeed.

The post-Thanksgiving holiday season marks the beginning of a series of important windows of time for extraterrestrial disclosure by the Obama administration. The first time window came and went without any announcement. This has led to some skepticism that disclosure is imminent at all. Multiple independent sources, however, continue to insist that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent. All that is required is the right opportunity by the Obama administration to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life to the world. The main political constraint on a disclosure announcement is the November 2010 mid-term Congressional elections. A disclosure announcement would need to come well in advance of this, no later than the middle of 2010, when the partisan political environment becomes very heated as Republicans earnestly seek to regain Congressional seats. An official disclosure announcement would need to be made in a bipartisan manner and environment that does not favor either of the major U.S. political parties. This means that any time from the present up to early 2010 is the optimal period when official extraterrestrial disclosure will occur.

Second Time Window begins with Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech - December 10
Based on my own independent sources and exopolitical analysis, my favored time window begins soon after President Obama officially accepts the Noble Peace Prize on December 10. The period immediately after his acceptance speech up to the end of 2009, is a critical time for three main reasons. First, the level of partisan political debate is historically low during the holiday season which ends soon after New Year’s Day. Most importantly, it is possible to make an announcement with least social disruption due to the increased comfort levels of people during the holiday season when difficult political news can be disclosed with minimal public fallout. This observation and possible disclosure timing was first pointed out by exopolitical activist Stephen Bassett in his November 4 appearance on the syndicated national radio show, Coast to Coast AM.

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