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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Originally Posted by boudicca View Post
fingers and toes crossed, wonder how the religious communities will react? when alian life is fully in the open?
bou x
Yes I often think about that Boudy…

This is just touching the surface and I am sure as others would appreciate any further input regarding this question.

Just briefly and putting it simply. I suppose all religions would realize that they have been introduced to suit various factions or groups on this planet to be able to manipulate there own evil agenda. ie: if you have small groups agreeing to disagree, it is much easier for manipulation against each other. Thus the manipulator can pull the strings any which way he choses!! Thus creating wars and feeding the war machine ect etc..

Without Religions and Borders we would have no WARS...

The realisation of this would draw all the religions together and we would be one, so to speak. Humanity will rise. The world would change for the better.

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