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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
Could it be, that there wasn't anything sceduled at November 27th in the first place? Not a press conference, nor a 2 hour tv special - nothing at all.
Perhaps just to pull the legs of Dr. - if he's a Dr. - Pete (Re)Peterson & David Wilcock - who now firmly denies ever to have mentioned the date of Nov. 27th. Just to expose them as the 'false prophets' & 'big pretenders' they - in my humble opinion - are & always have been.

Nevermind: February 30, 2010 - a date already added by WarriorSoul, so there you go! - Full Disclosure will take place!

(If contact is imminent, that is, but Lord Ashstar, SaLuSa, Michael, St. Germain & all of the 53.000.000 extraterrestrials that are swirling 'round our planet in gigantic motherships - according to 3ToneJaguar - have promised me that 'it' is gonna happen!)

Wilcock did not give a date. He said at the time that he refused to disclose a date due to the potential backlash if it didn't happen. Funny how the backlash seems to hit him anyway. Why do you assume he gave a date? Because everyone said so? Do you have a link with his disclosure of a date you could send our way?

The only thing I recall regarding the 27th mentioned by Wilcock (that I know of) is that he considered it a less likely date than later in December, but either way, disclosure was to come by the end of the year. So let's please keep things in their proper context and avoid the negativity and sarcasm based in false assumption.

And despite any information, everything is subject to change - in particular something sensitive. Disclosure could also be extremely dangerous for the parties involved. This isn't some flip of the coin or magic show for everyone's amusement. Further, you have the opportunity to be in the cynic camp or the support camp. This choice on a large scale has a direct impact on how well this little project goes. Why not be part of the solution?

Viking, the Tuesday speech is to cover the war in Afghanistan.
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