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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Ah ahhhh.... I see Thanks Jonathon/Trancoso/Gareth/...

I didn't realize he had something planned on that date...

Well this could be interesting then guys!!??

It gets a bit annoying doesn't it...we all know that this WILL happen sooner or later...they can't keep avoiding the inevitable

This sums it sums it up...

I can feel the quiteness
the stillness
the apprehension
I can feel the collective conciousness wanting
I can feel humanity waiting, for something
I can taste it
They know deep down that this is not all
Alone, we never have been...
But we need to be told
We all need to know
Not to believe anymore
The rest will take care of itself...
Humanity will rise.

It just needs to bloody happen...

Does anyone know whats on the agenda with his speech???

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