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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Could it be, that there wasn't anything sceduled at November 27th in the first place? Not a press conference, nor a 2 hour tv special - nothing at all.
Perhaps just to pull the legs of Dr. - if he's a Dr. - Pete (Re)Peterson & David Wilcock - who now firmly denies ever to have mentioned the date of Nov. 27th. Just to expose them as the 'false prophets' & 'big pretenders' they - in my humble opinion - are & always have been.

Nevermind: February 30, 2010 - a date already added by WarriorSoul, so there you go! - Full Disclosure will take place!

(If contact is imminent, that is, but Lord Ashstar, SaLuSa, Michael, St. Germain & all of the 53.000.000 extraterrestrials that are swirling 'round our planet in gigantic motherships - according to 3ToneJaguar - have promised me that 'it' is gonna happen!)

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