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Default Re: Canadian gov inside job? Need advice for research

I know they probably weren't after weapons or documents. I have a feeling they were after information or supression of information. My friend told me that place is has alot of security, you have to basicly use a keycard @ each door. She told me the only place that didn't get robbed was the first floor because there was too many cameras. For a place like that to be robbed, it would have to be an inside job.

Although I share some of your stance on this, I still want to know more about it. Not actually to expose it, because that would be too time consuming for me to do that alone, but since I'm just a student and don't have many responsibilities at the moment I often find myself with nothing to do, and I love to research everything and anything. My thirst for truth and wisdom are limitless.

Thank you very much for your response, it is greatly appreciated.
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