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Default Re: Canadian gov inside job? Need advice for research

Originally Posted by MadSheeple View Post
Hi fellow truth warriors, I would like to share with you information I have come across recently that raised quite a few red flags and I wanted some advice on how I could do more research on this matter.

First of all I would like to thank Project Camelot for how it helped me wake up. I've been reading this forum and went through pretty much all of the camelots interviews so far as well as doing my own research.
Hi MadSheeple,

Nice to have you posting

About the thing you mention, I think that the outcome from a deep down investigation, maybe is not worth the danger you expose to. For sure are truths out there, at a greater scale, that more worthy to be investigated.

Probable that guys weren't after some weapons (only if they are after some black ops to put the blame on the government authorities which may be the owners of that weapons), but is very non probable; another issue, weapons could be easily acquired from the black market, as most of the sophistication it may be. Documents, I think less, because nobody keeps extremely important documents today in a printed form, besides some old archives at cities, registers or certificates, etc. It was there some other thing of greater interest... might be some inventions or some really high tech things. But, as I said maybe is not worth the effort and the exposure, at least here in the open.

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