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Default Re: SaLuSa 16-October-2009

Thank you, thank you, viking for posting this thread with its wonderful words of upliftment/

To me its, 'As below, so Above' as well as 'As Above, so Below'

If my neighbours, or anyone in a community nearby, whom had suffered a tragety, or were in great difficulty of some sort, I, my friends, family and community would reach out and help in any way possible. That could be providing food, shelter, medical care or advice. This to me is a natural God given attribute of humans.

Would it not be equally as natural for advanced beings of the galaxy to offer humanity assistance when they saw great need. Afterall we are all part of the one Life.

Its a natural part of evolution for masters of learning in any discipline to teach what they have learned. We all help each other.

I loved these words, they resonated beautifully with what I have learned and studied from many many sources.

Once again Thank You Viking. You are a Blessing to this Forum

Love and LIght

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