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i feel that the quote in the original post is a sound one in that the message put across is one of hope and peace, the human struggle has been going on for so long.
What will soon be apparent is that the new times opening up, will give many of you the opportunity to be of service to the Light. Some of you have been searching for a way to do so for a long time, and your desire to help has not been ignored
and it hasnt, as many of us have realised that there are other forces at play here in our lives, the divine for one....and others, people are opening up to this quest for self actualisation, the whole psychotherapy movement was about this, look at maslow (chakras?), carl rogers, jung etc, then we had the flower people movement in the 60's/early 70's.....then a massive push in the 80's with the new age change is happening. are others there for us? yes i believe so
Your dreams of a state of Utopia upon Earth are not unrealistic at all, and in the course of time you will see all that stands in its way being removed
yes i believe it can be done, once we humans have reached a state of conciousness in all we do and work from our hearts instead of heads. the validity of the author whom wrote this is not really in my heart something i question.....because the message is one of hope and love. so i dont mind if the galactic fed of light is a bag full of nutters, what they are saying is beautifull
.....and yes i believe in other beings

bou x
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