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Default Re: SaLuSa 16-October-2009

Humanity has to realize the Power lies within themselves, that they can draw on the source for all of their needs, inspiration, healing, creativity etc. in order to heal and raise up our planet.

Think about it for a minute. People already give their power up everywhere most of the time. Rarely do we truly realize that the power lies within us.

How do you think a bunch of UFO's showing up to "show" us the power within us would work? I think it's pretty obvious that we would just be wowed over by them and they would be the new power.

I believe the solutions that are necessary will come from humanity, through humanity, and this world will be raised and healed by it's inhabitants, not by visitors who decide to try to interfere at this incredibly interesting and wonderful time for humanity to learn lessons about who they really are through Self realization, not by being told, just by Being.
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