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Default Re: SaLuSa 16-October-2009

Originally Posted by GaiaLove View Post
Pardon me for being the skeptic but does anyone here actually believe in The Galactic Federation of Light?
Maybe a little bit But as i have said I cannot prove this message to be of light or darkness. After listening/reading I think it sounds very positive, did not cost me even 1 cent to listen to or read.

Originally Posted by mu2143
It looks good, but if you read it correctly then you notice that there is some wrong with it.
Some what wrong with it
Such as...? Anything in specific?

The message itself seems to be of a positive nature and only aiming to offer some current information about the monumental changes that face mankind as the truth is disclosed. The human spirits on earth must heal with the planet. I am having this message checked out from a friend and will see what I can find out. As mentioned in the message I will leave myself open to new ideas. Have a great day. JT
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