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Wink Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Originally Posted by Dantheman62 View Post
Here you go Luminari, a 12 year old playing Surfing with the Alien, his name is Reed and he has a band called Still Pending!

Cool Dan, that young dudes a pretty good player already
Thanks for the nice feedback Czymra to my metal rant.

Satriani really is AMAZING

If any of you can get a copy of "2008 - Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock" the very last song "Andalusia" is absolutely life-changing its my favourite song of all time at the moment (!) So good beyond belief I think you will transcend time and space and perceive infinity and the flame of creativity which is alive and flourishing here on Earth. Awe-inspiring.

Did I talk it up enough?

here is a link to _ANDALUSIA_ enjoy my friends, please listen to the whole thing to understand its epic majesty (it only goes for 6:50 not the whole 10:47 that the file says):

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