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Default Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Originally Posted by Czymra View Post
Just explain to me, you are researching all this stuff but still listen to Metal?
Don't get me wrong, I love some Metal songs as well, but isn't it somewhat contradictory?
Of course it is...but music is still an art form..and the mesage that Metallica sends if you really listen to pretty profound.
They tend to bring out the issues of society, and wether you like the message or is what is going on, and where the minds of many have to live. Brought to the forefront and put right in your makes you, this is how it is for some, and that is not really a good makes me mad...I want to rebel..etc. If it is used to wake um's not a bad thing.
Also..Lars is one of my favorite drummers, and the music they make on a professional level is outstanding

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