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Default Re: Ivan "Evon" Stein 2012 Presentation!

I got to answer about this topic. I have listened to Ivan Stein presentation. It's good but he does a tremendous mistake about Ice Age.

Here is a link that provides the very same graphics he uses in his own presentation:

First, the last Ice Age occured 20 000 years ago, not 100 000 years ago. There is a cyclic patern to Ice Age, but it's not that much even, sometimes it comes back after 80 000 years or 140 000 years. So, in other words, we are not close to any Ice Age at all.

Second, Ivan Stein does not read the graphic the proper way. The more you go to the right of the graphic, on the x axis, the more you go in the past. Stein does read it the opposite way. It means that after an Ice Age, the weather heats up really fast, 8-10 C degrees in 80 to 100 years. It reaches a peak, then cool down very slowly until the next Ice Age which comes very very progressivly, it cools down for 100 000 years.

Third, Ice Age does not necessarly means ice all over the planet. Exploring what arqueologists and geologists have found, it is more probable to say that the polar caps are growing wider, but the equator still remains livable for vegetal and animal life to survive.

The impact this kind of mistake does into the mass consciousness is very negative. Do not forget reality borns into the consciousness. The more people will follow this false information, the more the reality of disaster will come to be true.

Like it is said in politic, something does not need to be true to be real, you just have to make the poeple to believe it real and it will become true.

Namaste, Steven

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