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Default Re: Collapse of Citigroup

Citigroup is but one of many (yet one of the biggest) "lenders" that will suffer our transference into the next paradigm of human economic activity.

It is not honorable to lend money to a friend BECAUSE your terms will yield a profit. It is honorable to lend money to a friend because you want to watch them succeed.

Beware, however. Citigroup will not die quietly. Before this "economic collapse" is "over," there will be those who argue for "debtor's imprisonment." Those who want to pay their bills, but cannot pay their bills, are the people who should be the most awake right now. There will be a push by the corporate top to punish the bottom of the pyramid, however, if the people rise up, they will not succeed.

My plea to you - if you don't mind - please, the region that you call home right now, start reading the local paper - especially the ads and LEGAL NOTICES. Pay attention. Act from there.

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