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Default Re: Aliens. Mothman. Extraterrestrials. Special Agencies. Rogue Groups.

Originally Posted by Free-UFO-Videos View Post
He wasn't dreaming, he was traveling in an OBE.

And could someone tell me why my general post
was moved from Avalon General
to Camelot General?
I don't mind, just wondering.

This is what happened in ATS and one other big UFO ET related forum ...
they move my posts around for a while then ban me.

Who else here has been banned from ATS ?
(Above Top Secret)

All I did there was support The Disclosure Project
and information from several good websites including this one ...

How many of you know that site ?

naa they just went through the threads to decide which forum they fit best with, I'm sure you did nothing wrong.

I OBE in my dreams, same thing, but its how I do it.

I visited Iran's Grand Ayasolla one night and watched him sitting and puffing on an opium pipe...

and to think WWIII will happen or not, depending on his actions...
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