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Question Re: Aliens. Mothman. Extraterrestrials. Special Agencies. Rogue Groups.

Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
I have never imagined as a dreamer that there would be a device that can detect us in our dreams.

Thank you for the heads up...

He wasn't dreaming, he was traveling in an OBE.

And could someone tell me why my general post
was moved from Avalon General
to Camelot General?
I don't mind, just wondering.

This is what happened in ATS and one other big UFO ET related forum ...
they move my posts around for a while then ban me.

Who else here has been banned from ATS ?
(Above Top Secret)

All I did there was support The Disclosure Project
and share information from several good websites including this one ...

How many of you know that site ?

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