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Smile Re: Aliens. Mothman. Extraterrestrials. Special Agencies. Rogue Groups.

Originally Posted by Theresa View Post
interesting take on the Mothman Prophecies (but, gotta say, labeling it a documentary MAY be stretching the bounds a bit!).

I never thought about the idea that the being(s) experienced predicted accidents, not caused them. That movie scared the crap out of me, for days. I had to take rescue remedy to come down-no kidding! So, thats an interesting take, for sure.

I suspect also that we ARE a genetic hybrid of some sort with ET's. That doesn't upset me...ultimately we are one cosmic family.

Interesting message, thanks!
My post says ...
"free excellent documentary that comes with the DVD version of the movie"

I pardon you Hehe.

Anyway, as for being upgraded,
yes, after years of studying in all my spare time,
I realized something is going around upgrading animals on many planets in our Milky Way Galaxy and probably in the Universe.

And then hybrids are made and/or born.

That's what I would do if I was advanced and flying around the Galaxy.

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