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Default Re: God is alive and well

Yes, "he" is - in the minds and beliefs of many on this planet. My personal philosophy is whatever brings one comfort during their time in this place - that's ok by me - we all have choices, preferences, ways to find the answers to the purpose of our existence.

For me, I've experienced the major belief systems and have come to a clear understanding of ego - and have been able to "let go". If you study the social anthropology and biology of our leap into existence, you can clearly see how the human spirit and the modern day psyche came to be.

We are "babies" in the scheme of evolutionary time. What I find is that we are slowly opening up to a clear view of this reality. An interesting perspective that in order to cope in this environment, one has to filter it's experiences in delusions. A distinct characteristic of the human spirit.

Some, including me, are turning this page.
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