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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

These lights in Cleveland are also being seen in Cincinnati, OH.
They surfaced around late January. At first, there was just a bright star, but it was too close to be a star or a planet, and then you would notice (if you were paying attention) that it would change positiions thorughout the night. After this, we/I began to see the red and blue strobing stars, and still see them to this day, but they're further away now. However, for the past week there has been one big/particularly bright one that is very visible, stands out, and you clearly see it different parts of the sky throughout the evening.

After my first day sighting back in mid-February, I started seeing an average of three strobing red/blue stars, and one very close to my home. These are indeed ships, and I know for certain from seeing as night was falling a black outline/silhouette just before I could only see the lights. This was obviously, the star/ship closest to my home. Shortly, afterwards I began to personally experience and witness several encounters.

Something is brewing indeed
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