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Default Re: God is alive and well

Originally Posted by beren View Post
I can tell you from my own experience ,as soon as I think that I got it all, in a sense that I finally start to "get it"...
a new layer unfolds before me.

But there is always one string that is present,tiny string which requires a keen eye to see it always and that is ,if you trust God, he will never abandon you and will always lead you through your life towards knowledge that YOU particularly need to own regarding him and his intentions.

What do you think?

I think it's brilliant Beren

understanding is like the unfolding

of the thousand petals lotus

when the unfolding is complete

when the understanding is perfect

God will Grace the Soul

this is the silent sermon of Buddha


to trust God

to really trust God

to still trust God

after tests and tribulations

that is an accomplishment worthy as the Angels in Heaven

make no mistake about it

God will shake the tree of faith

so the lip serving leaves will fall

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