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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

I am going to continue this work, hopefully in the new Avalon 2.0 forum, on the Manticore Forum, and now I am going to have a special blog post category on my web site where I put up the results also. You can visit my web site at and subscribe to the blog posts by email to get the ET dowsing data updates as I post them.

I have listed to Greers accounts of these contacts and they sound very interesting indeed. Would have loved to been there to witness this. Can you share you experience there a bit more, what did see,feel, hear personally?

Namaste, Jia.
Well, the two ways they where detecting the UFO's (mostly cloaked) was by means of both Radar/Laser detectors that Greers team brought and also some that random participants brought. Those things where going off like something out of "Close Encouters of the Third Kind" the whole night. I mean they where even interactive with things that people where saying.

We saw one fully materialized craft high in the atmosphere that was much brighter than a star and made a 30 degree angular turn at high speed. There was another that was not fully materialized, however it strobbed very brightly in the night sky and then did a few more times as a result of people signaling to it with lasers.
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