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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by LucidJia View Post
Well said!!

How confident are you in your info about ET ships?

Namaste, Jia.
Well, I started looking into this after I went out and did a CSETI contact outing with Greer. So I became convinced that there where some around during that experience where we saw a craft and had electronic communication with others through radar/laser detectors and emf detectors.

I had no preconceived notions of how many were around. Then I heard multiple people in the alternative media mentioning intel that there had been an increase in the quantity of near earth ET activity. That is when I started to dowse how many there actually where.

I actually never expected the numbers to ever get as high as they have. I expected them to level off at like 25% of where they are now. Then as the numbers started to increase with the dowsing the quantity and quality of strange things in the atmosphere captured on video increases. Also the obvious artificial earth sized objects where captured in the NASA sun pictures.

Then right after that the Norway spiral happened. Followed by something none of us have ever seen on the mainstream media....

So I am as confident as I can be about it. If there had not been all of this crazy multi media seemingly backing up the dowsing I might have some doubt. However, I think the evidence speaks for itself.
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