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Default Re: Not my concern, I am staying

Originally Posted by kriya View Post
Ok, I'll rephrase it. I think your post lacks compassion. Which is less personal.

I look at it as constructive criticism, take it or leave it. I felt I should say something because a lot of people were put into the mist without a proper explanation and I thought your post was quite heartless. Many (like yourself) have invested a good deal of time and energy here and have been treated badly in my opinion (not you).

I don't want to fight with you. Actually I like your posts (except this one).

Peace to you,

I was just debating, not fighting. I picked up a philosophy from listening to Wayne Dyer that is partially responsible for this thread.

"No amount of feeling bad for someone will ever improve anyones situation"

Compassion and empathy are not one in the same. Compassion is a form of love, empathy is a form of fear. Many confuse the two with each other.
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