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Default The Love Police

I know they've been mentioned before. They aren't new. But ever since someone mentioned them in another thread recently, my girlfriend and I have been doing nothing but watching their videos, and talking about how much we love these guys... so I figured maybe I could pass the message along.

It's mostly just 2 guys, Charlie and Danny, from what I can tell, but they frequently have other people with them. They receive no money to do what they do, other than donations. They make no money off of their videos, and they don't sell merchandise or anything either, it seems. I love these guys and what they are doing! I wish them all the love in the world and am thankful that people are out there doing this!

The most important parts of their videos, to me, are seeing all the crowds that they actually get cheering them on and voicing their support. It shows that people really are waking up!

Watch these videos and if you feel inspired, go out and do similar things in your own community. This is civil disobedience at its finest, and the message is love.

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