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Default Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?

I like this question!Thanks for asking it...

Originally Posted by saxapower View Post

On the other hand, what if we have got something that they don't have? I'm not talking of technical aspects, I'm talking about spiritual aspects. What if human race was something new in the universe for the first time ever? What if we could feel things that they can't even imagine in their wildest dreams? What if our planet, despite all the pollution, deforestation, animal killing, and weather manipulation was the the most beautiful jewel in the creation crown?
I speculate on this, and I think it is a distinct possibility. Earth is indeed a beautiful planet, and why would all these ETs have been here so much over the eons if it were not so? The fact that Earth humans are a DNA mixture of so many different ETs may make us very unique. It may be that we are an experiment that many ET races can learn from, and in time, I believe the Earth will return to a pristine state, and many species will be restored.

I have had some experience with ET hybrids-one a Pleaiadian/Nordic type, one a Zeta Reticulan. The first was a huge awakening and acted as a strong mirror for me, flushing out a lot of toxic, negative programming and opening my eyes to possibilities I had never contemplated before.
The second made me understand that ETs are NOT necessarily all knowing and have much to learn from us as well.
The two experiences tended to balance each other out, but also left a desire for more!

For me next encounter, I would like to meet an ET who looks human but is actually a Pleiadian or Andromedan or Arcturan, or some other spiritually and technologically advanced race. I would prefer not to realize at first that he/she is ET, but would come to the realization gradually, to avoid the shock factor.

This time, I would like to have a more balanced relationship, one of more give and take, and to also have a better appreciation from the start of what it is that our planet and humanity has to offer to the ETs.

I would like a friendship to evolve and, before long, to be given an invitation to visit the Earth home of this ET, which would be part of an actual ET community, possibly underground inside a mountain or on the ocean floor, and/or on a Mothership orbiting the Earth. The purpose would be multiple, in part just for fun and for my own personal experience as one of many representatives of the human race, in part so that we might learn how our race can learn to live with each other, the ETs and our own planet in better balance and harmony. My ET friend would also introduce me to ETs from other Galactic civilizations who are also here. Mentor relationships with these other ETs would also be possible, according to my choosing as an Earth ambassador.

My ET friends to help me form a sustainable community of Earth humans that would be a wonderful blueprint for other communities. Other human ambassadors to other ET groups would be simultaneously forming their own unique communities.

(I feel that separate, equal but unique, sustainable communities formed by various groups of compatible souls (soul groups), people who resonate comfortably with each other, would be a great way to help usher in the New Age, to transcend issues of race and nationality, economic status, etc. and in my ideal scenario, the ETs would help us to develop this new Planetary Community with sustainable technologies and advanced organizational and communication skills, etc.)

These Earth communities would eventually form an Earth based Federation of Earth Communities which would bridge the gap not only between the various Earth Communities but also the ET races who want to embrace us as Galactic citizens and friends.

Travel to other planets would become part of a program of cultural exchange and enrichment, and ET visitors to Earth would become the norm; they would be welcomed and recognized as such and would be free to travel the planet unharmed.

The Earth would begin emitting such a positive Light that any negatively inclined beings would be repelled.
As this process unfolded, negatively inclined humans would no longer incarnate on Earth, but would find homes on other worlds where they would be able to continue with their evolutionary process into the higher frequencies.
Whatever negatively inclined ETs who might still be about in our proximity would be identified and monitored with the help of our positive ET friends so their influence and impact would be kept to a minimum.

That's good for a start!

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